Driving Test Rescue

Driving Test Rescue

What is Driving Test Rescue about? Well, it’s for people who have taken training elsewhere and are at Driving Test Standard.  It’s for people who have recently failed a driving test and need extra help to see where they went wrong or to fill up the gaps in their judgement.  It also for people who have previously held a driving licence and have been ordered by the court to take another driving test after serving a driving ban.

It is disappointing to fail a driving test, or even fail multiple tests.  But it’s also not the end of the world.  The purpose of the driving test is to confirm that your driving is good enough to allow you to drive by yourself while you continue to learn and gain experience.  Sometimes a fail or even a driving ban can serve as a wake up call – our driving wasn’t as good as we thought it was.

When taking this type of recovery lesson it’s important to identify our shortcomings.  Reading the Driving Test Report will give a strong indication of where your faults lie.  If there are multiple marks in a particular box or a Serious or Dangerous fault recorded these are the ones that require immediate attention.

Having clearly identified areas to work on a full understanding and correction of the fault will help you move on.  More often than not it’s not just a case of a particular aspect of driving that needs improvement eg. Roundabouts. It’s a whole attitude to driving.  So if you feel roundabouts are difficult and you don’t have enough time, the chances are you approach too fast.  Steaming up to a junction will mean sharp braking and little or no time for looking for other traffic.  We have to address the speed and our attitude towards it in order to achieve our goal of driving through a roundabout safely and smoothly.

If you have failed a test or lost your licence, then I strongly recommend taking professional driving lessons to help get you on the road.  Changing our attitudes changes our behaviour too and can make us better and safer drivers.

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