Driving Instructor Training

Driving Instructor Training

Being a Driving Instructor is much more than being a really good driver and telling people how to drive. It's a rewarding career that uses a wide range of skills, understanding and experience to develop our customers into safe, confident drivers capable of driving the busiest and most complex UK roads.

Learning to be a Driving Instructor is not an easy option if you are looking for a career change. There are many benefits and it can be personally very satisfying. However, the hours tend to be long and sometimes unsociable. But, you can be your own Boss and choose when to work and what rate you will charge.

In order to train to be a Driving Instructor you will need to pass 3 exams. Part 1 Theory, Part 2 Practical Driving Test, Part 3 Test of Instructional Ability.

Our training is always carried out on a one to one basis. There is also the possibility of earning while you learn with a Trainee Instructor Licence to help with the cos of your training and for you to gain vital experience.

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