Intensive Driving Lessons

For some people, the traditional route of taking weekly lessons does not work. It may be that you need to pass your test quickly for a job, or you don't fancy spending 6 to 12 months taking lessons. If this is the case, Intensive or semi-intensive driving lessons could be for you.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Intensive Courses

The amount of training you will require depends on lots of factors Age, Aptitude, Commitment to name but a few.

Generally, 30 or 36 hours intensive training is fine for a complete novice. However, 42 or 48 hours may well be needed for a complete novice who does not take naturally to driving.

Intensive Courses aren't for everyone. It takes a great deal of concentration to learn to drive and even a five day course can be extremely demanding.

Semi-Intensive Courses offer an easier alternative to the traditional Intensive Course.

How the courses work

1. Buy a course that suits you best

2. The course will take place on the same day each week, at the same time

3. The driving test will take place at the end of the course