IntensiveDriving Lessons

If you don't have the time to take weekly driving lessons, then an intensive driving course may be right for you. Take a block of lessons, from a single day's training to a full six day course. Intensive driving courses are not available immediately. It may well be the case that course has to be booked 3 or 4 months in advance to ensure an appropriate driving test.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Intensive Courses

The amount of training you will require depends on lots of factors Age, Aptitude, Commitment to name but a few.

Generally, 36hours intensive training is fine for a complete novice. However, 40or 50 hours may well be needed for a complete novice who does not take naturally to driving.

If taking a full week off work is impractical it is possible to split your course into smaller sections. For example someone taking a 36 hours course may opt to take their training over three days one week and three days the next week.

How the courses work

1. Inquire about the course that suits you best

2. You Driving Lessons will start from your house or other nominated location

3. Agree how your course will be conducted. As a continuous block or in more manageable sections

4 Pay the deposit to secure your course

5 Pay the remainder of the course fees 2 weeks before the course begins

6 See terms and conditions