How to save ££££'s Learning to Drive

Passing your driving test is a really important part of life and the opportunities that being able to drive are endless. But is there a safe and practical way to bringing down the cost of taking driving lessons and getting your licence?

Some people will look for cheap driving lessons, and why not?

After all, driving schools do look the same and there is very little information out there for you to help decide who is going to be the ideal instructor for you.

However, cheap driving lessons are only going to save you £2 or £3 per hour at most and most people are hesitant with buying cheap. You could though possibly save a decent size of money, perhaps £500 or more by following our guide.

The first step is to make sure you have enough money, there is nothing worse than taking a lesson here and a lesson there, progress will be slow, you will forget what you have learned and you will end up taking more lessons... bad move!

The right thing to do is to take regular lessons, which can result in fewer lessons overall. It is said the average number of hours needed to pass your driving test is 47 hours with a driving school and 20 hours of private practice. However, many people will need more hours the problem that learners can have is they take one hour a week, or perhaps 2 hours a week and that is the start of the economic issue.

Imagine you have an hourly lesson each week, next week comes and you jump into the driving school car...what can you remember from last week? What abilities have you been able to retain from last week? The thing is, you could be spending as much as 30 minutes to recap, that is 30 minutes lost time. So what if you are needing a 30 minute recap on a 2 hour lesson? It means for every 1 hour you are throwing away 15 minutes and with the average number of hours being 47 you could be wasting as many as 10 to 12 hours.

The solution to this is simple, save up and take 2 two hour lessons a week, you are condensing your learning, you forget less, you remember and retain more knowledge. Just this simple tip alone could save you around £250.

Another £300 Saving...
Since you have decided to condense your lessons as described above you are going to eliminate the need for learning to drive with a parent, also known as private practice and that can be expensive. Let's just say the cost of insurance, fuel, and the cost of depreciation to brakes, discs, pads, tyres, alloys, and clutch comes to just £25 a week. Many learners taking private practice could have a car insured for 3 or 4 months, so just taking 12 weeks at £25 a week, you are hitting £300. 15 weeks at £30 a week is £450.

However you can eliminate the cost of private practice if you follow our strategy outlined above by taking regular lessons.

Fancy Saving Another £300 By Passing First Time
So far you have read how you could save £500 on passing your driving test, this following example is a really money saver, and makes our driving school a no brainer when it comes to taking driving lessons. You are going to see how to pass your driving test at the first attempt and how it is going to save you in the region of £300.

If you happen to fail your test it will cost around another £300, that price includes the test, the hire of the car on the day and a number of lessons before your next test to iron out the faults. You don't want this to happen so you are going to learn right now just exactly what the driving examiner is looking for on your driving test, and then we'll teach you that from the first lesson.

There are 4 factors to passing the driving test and once you combine these factors together they demonstrate what it takes to be a safe driver, always remember this is what the driving examiner wants from you.

1. You must always be in total control of the car.
2. You need to show you possess the ability to spot hazards and to eliminate or avoid them.
3. At all times you need to be driving in accordance to the Highway Code
4. You need to demonstrate you have the desire and attitude to be a safe driver

Right from your very first driving lesson to your last, once we put these four factors into every element of your driving you will be a safe driver and you will be able to pass your driving test.

What next..?

Surely it's time for you to pick up the phone and book your driving lessons so you can get your driving licence.