Learn to Drive

There are lots of different ways of learning to drive and some methods are more suitable for some people and not for others eg. Do you want to learn quickly or do you prefer to take your time and let it sink in? Maybe an intensive course or multiple weekly lessons are right for you or an hour a week is just fine. Whatever you requirements we would love to help!

Some people will look for cheap driving lessons, and why not?

Learn To Drive

Firstly, when starting to drive there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. Number one is who are you going to learn with? Parents and family are great, but you inherit all the bad habits and asking your parent to take you out for an hour on a Thursday night after they've been at work does wear thin after the novelty has worn off.

Your other option is a Driving Instructor. Ok, a Driving Instructor is a good idea. The important thing to realise is this option doesn't come cheap. Realistically, depending upon your experience and aptitude learning to drive will cost you in the region of £900 to £1500 for a complete novice.

Another important consideration is who to train with. Not all driving instructors are the same and so you need to find someone who you will be comfortable with and who will help you develop.

Driving Instructors are regulated by the government and as such have to meet a minimum standard. But is the minimum standard what you are looking for? At Duddon Learners we want you to be your best. Your lessons and development are important to us. Having studied Coaching for Driver Development to level Four (A levels are level Three) we believe that you'll benefit from the most effective and up to date driver training available.

Once, you have chosen your instructor or other person to help you learn to drive it's really important to be regular with your lessons. It's not good to have a few lessons and then miss a week or two. This sporadic approach to learning to drive slows your progress down and it seems like your getting nowhere ... so you get fed up and stop = waste of your time and money. Instead commit to your lessons, give them your best efforts and you'll progress quickly and enjoy what you're doing.