Learn to Drive quickly and easily

Duddon Learners specialises in Learner Driver Training. Mark is qualified to BTEC IV Coaching for Driver Development - a qualification held by only about 2% of Driving Instructors nationwide. We aim to provide you with the best possible driver training to help get you on the road and help develop you as a safe and confident driver. We also offer opportunities to become a Driving Instructor see our sister site www.thedrivinginstructor.co.uk

Semi intensive driving course Barrow-in-furness

Learning to drive is a big commitment, in terms of money and your personal time. By taking professional lessons you will learn all the correct techniques for controlling the car and dealing with traffic systems. But,most importantly we will develop a positive attitude towards your driving. You may think that's a bit strange. Surely, you're paying for driving lessons and you want to know how to turn right or when it's safe to go at a roundabout. You're dead right,you are going to learn all those things.

Developing the correct attitude to driving helps us deal with the unknown. How do you cope when someone aggressively tailgates you? How can we deal with road rage? Dealing with other people's mistakes? How can selfish/dangerous driving affect other road users? In the course of learning to drive the above scenarios can happen and much more too! And the best way to deal safely with the unknown is to reflect upon, analyse and develop strategies and methods based upon a positive attitude.

In this way you are not slavishly preparing for a test, but you'll be learning a life skill that you will continue to develop throughout your lifetime.


The Driving Instructor is our sister site that is dedicated to Driver Instructor Training. If you are interested in a change of career or it's been your lifelong ambition to be a Driving Instructor click below to find out more.