Beginners’ Driving Lessons

Beginners’ Driving Lessons

Beginners’ driving lessons are for you if you have no driving experience.  The first of your  lessons will be a brief introduction to the car and its controls and then it’s time to get moving!  You will learn how to use the basic car controls and once you can move away and stop reasonably well, we will look at the hazard drill and some basic junctions.

The first driving lessons that you take are really important, they set the mood for the rest of your learning.  Remember that people learn at different rates.  Just because one person can get the hang of the clutch quickly doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a brilliant driver.  It’s important that as we are learning we understand what we are doing  and why we are doing it.

Your Driving Instructor will encourage you to think for yourself and experiment and so find the solution to problems. You will make progress quicker if you are the one making the decisions. The instructor is there to support you and to ensure everyone’s safety.  But of course if you don’t know you can always ask … you won’t be pushed too hard!

What happens next?

Once your initial lessons are underway it’s important that you, as a learner driver, gain a basic understanding of the rules of the road.  These rules are found in the Highway Code and are a must read for every road user.  As you take your driving lessons it’s a good idea to study for your theory test.  Understanding the basic rules of driving and raising your awareness of hazards will help you progress quickly and complement your practical driving lessons.




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