Part Trained Driving Lessons

You may have had some driving lessons in the past with family or friends or another driving instructor.  This is what we call a part trained driver – someone who is not an absolute beginner, but someone who needs significant training before they reach a good standard of driving for the test. Part Trained Driving Lessons could well be for you.

Everything that you have learnt previously, even if it was years ago is not lost.  Our Part Trained Driving Lessons are all about discovering your strengths and weaknesses and encouraging you along the way.  For example, you may have had ten, twenty lessons in the past.  You feel comfortable with roundabouts and busy junctions. What we will work on then is your awareness and risk assessment of those situations.  Yes, you know when to go or not, but as a safe driver we want to develop your sense of what others may potentially do – how do their actions affect me/how do they make me feel.  Because driving is not about stop or go, it’s far more involved than that.

Part trained driving lessons


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