Motorway Driving Lessons

Historically, Learners were not allowed on Motorways. In 2018 the law changed to allow Learners to practice on the Motorway with a qualified Driving Instructor (ADI) in a dual control car. When the time comes and you are capable of safely taking instruction on the Motorway you may choose this option.

Motorway Driving Lessons

Top up your skills

If you've already passed your test you may want to top up skills with Motorway Instruction.

Motorways have different rules and when you do your theory test you'll be expected to understand them. The practice of Motorway driving requires you to have exceptional observational skills, proficient car control and a good level of alertness.

Because traffic is moving much faster than a normal road you will need to judge speed and distance to a higher level of accuracy. And knowing some more advanced driving techniques will help you make progress.

Motorway lessons will ensure that you are capable of driving on ALL Britain's roads safely. So make sure you have all the skills and knowledge to help you make the most of your driving.