Driving Test Rescue Lessons

If you have failed a driving test, or you are looking to book a driving test and think you need some extra help in preparing for it, then these lessons are for you.

Driving Test Rescue Lessons

No one likes to fail.

However, its a fact that in the UK the pass rate is less than 50% so don't worry you are not alone. If you have learned to drive well and covered all the essentials passing your test should be easy. Unfortunately, the driving test is easy to fail too. A simple not fully stopping at a stop line or "thinking" your on a road with a different speed limit can fail your test.

If you have failed a test, or even multiple tests, then don't worry - it doesn't mean you'll never be able to drive. Let's learn from what has happened! It may be a certain roundabout you've had trouble with, or you got nervous or distracted. We will work on that and ensure that your next test will be a success.

You may have been learning with family or friends and think you are ready for your test. It's worth your while investing in an assessment and maybe a few lessons.

Whilst many experienced drivers are quite safe and capable of helping people learn to drive, they generally don't know what is the expected standard of driving required for the test, nor do they always teach "best practice."

A few hours of professional help may make all the difference.