Learn to drive in Barrow in Furness and the surrounding area

I believe that professional driving lessons are essential for those who want to learn to drive.  Today’s learner drivers have to deal with more difficult road systems and more powerful cars, than learners of twenty or thirty years ago.  All driver training has to be focused on road safety.  Ultimately, the better standard of driver training you receive the safer you, your friends and family will be.

Why should you chose to learn to drive with Duddon Learners?

  • Experienced, reliable driving instructor
  • BTEC IV Qualification in Coaching for Driver Development
  • Modern Dual Controlled Car
  • Patient, friendly instruction
  • Proven coaching techniques
  • Previous advanced and emergency services driving experience
  • One instructor from day one of your training to passing your test

Driving Lessons are in investment.  You may get lessons as a birthday present or you have to drive for your job or for your family commitments.  Whatever, the reason you are looking to learn to drive, I can help you.  Our driving lesson prices are based on providing high quality driver training in a relaxed, friendly environment.  Learning to drive is so much more than passing a driving test.  The basic requirement for the driving test is for you to be able to control the car and drive safely for 40 minutes in various road conditions.  When we apply this to road safety it is pretty basic stuff – not really what you would call a safe competent driver and this is borne out by the likelihood of novice drivers being involved in accidents shortly after passing their tests.

Goals for Driver Education

Our driving lessons aim to help you develop the right skills and attitudes to become a safer driver.   One of the biggest secrets in Learner Driver Training are the Goals for Driver Education.  These goals stress the importance of

  • engaging the driver on a personal and emotional level
  • raise awareness of danger
  • accept personal limitations
  • explore fundamental beliefs about driving /others

By using these goals as a foundation, our lessons go beyond the simple control of the car and the rules of the road.  My aim is to help develop skilled drivers, who can adapt to new challenges and have the maturity to reflect and constantly improve.

learn to drive


1 hour lesson£29

Block of ten hours £270

learn to drive










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