Driving Test

It can be a worrying time presenting yourself for the Driving Test.  The purpose of the test is to confirm that you have reached a minimum standard of driving.  If you have invested in good professional driver training, then the test should not be beyond your capabilities.  There is no reason not to pass it first time.  On this page you will find some videos to help you prepare for the day of your test.  They are the official DVSA videos and have been produced to give you an idea  of what is expected of you.  The words that are used are very clear and easy to understand – the same as your Driving Examiner will use on the day.

No one can give you a definite number of driving lessons you require before you go in for your test.  When you consider that the pass rate is about 55% – those who claim to know the answer are obviously well wide of the mark.  What we can say is that the average number of driving lessons is about 45 hours with an instructor and 20 hours with family or friends.  You may think that this is a lot of training just to drive a car around town and you may not need that amount of training – everyone’s different.   But you should invest in yourself and not skimp on a couple of lessons.  This driver training, if done properly will a lifetime skill.


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