It’s Raining! It must be Summer?

It's Raining! It must be Summer?

Saturday 10th August 2019

Summertime rain can present lots of problems for drivers. It's been scorching hot for a few days and then ... the rain!

Sudden rain after a dry spell makes the roads slippery, especially at junctions, bends etc The bends on some poorly designed motorway exits/ entrances are like a skating rink thanks to a perilous combination of water, rubber particles and spilt diesel.

Standing water is an issue when drains haven't been maintained or there is a design flaw in the road. Most of the time this results in a mildly amusing spray, but the dangers of aqua planing are quite real at even moderate speeds.

Probably one of the biggest issues we have with rain and poor weather is reduced visibility. We can't see as clearly what's going on around us and other people can't see us. So a few simple things to do in bad weather are

1. Switch your lights on
2. Clean your mirrors
3. Take your time

If you are driving on fast roads your mirrors are going to get dirty and wet (even if you clean them). So take time to look in all useful mirrors to work out what's going on around you. The Spray from the wet surface can easily mask the lights from a car or motorcycle rendering them invisible to a cursory glance. So take your time, look long and hard and keep safe.