We all love a bit of Sun 🌞

We all love a bit of Sun 🌞

Saturday 6th July 2019

We complain when there is none and we complain when there is. The Sun is great, we feel it's warmth and generally it makes everyone feel happier.

But for drivers it can be a big problem. Really bright sunlight dazzles drivers and in the worst case temporarily blinds them ... not a great thing when you're doing 70mph on a busy motorway.

We have low Winter Sun that affects drivers from seemingly every angle and at this time of year, if we're lucky, we have the intense Summer Sun that bounces off car windscreens and even shiny road surfaces.

So, how should we combat the sun's glare

1. Wear suitable sunglasses
2. Use the car's sun visor
3. Reduce your speed
4. Increase the space between you and the vehicle in front
5. Take regular breaks if you're on a long journey

Remember bright sunlight can be a factor throughout the year so always be prepared.