Would you just drive off?

Would you just drive off?

Saturday 8th June 2019

In a study of 2000 British Drivers carried out by Europarts, it was found that one in three of us would drive off without admitting liability if we hit another car.

It's sad but true that for a growing number of drivers If they get too close to a parked vehicle and clip their wing mirrors, the first thing they do is check to see if they've been spotted.

With the cost of a replacement wing mirror ranging from tens of pounds to several hundreds of pounds - it is not a minor issue. Leaving the scene of an accident without attempting to leave your details or report it will land you in big trouble. Above all else it's just dishonest.

The worst five places for this behaviour are

1. London 43%
2. Oxford.40%
3. Liverpool 33%
4. Glasgow 33%
5. Norwich 32%