Pull, Push Steering?

Pull, Push Steering?

Thursday 23rd May 2019

I had a lesson earlier in the week and the pupil had been practicing the pull push steering method as per his dad's instructions.

Whilst, this is a very good technique and a necessity if you are driving a car like the one in the photo (1936 Vauxhall fourteen/six) where the steering wheel is massive - due to no power steering, modern cars are much different. With power steering we have smaller, easier to control steering wheels and so we can use a whole range of steering techniques depending on the situation we are in.

Crossing hands while steering is not taboo! As long as you have full control of the steering and it's comfortable for you then that's fine.

Unsurprisingly, the hands at ten to two and pull push steering method is very useful and is often best - so don't discard it completely.