Why do I stall?

Why do I stall?

Friday 17th May 2019

For lots of new drivers, and some "experienced" drivers too, stalling can be an issue.

With the advent of modern technology and more powerful engines stalling can be reduced but not totally eliminated.

One of the worst habits that people are taught when they learn to drive is just using the clutch to move away. If done slowly and accurately, this is fine for wanting to move the car up to a line or during a manoeuvre - then we call it clutch control. But when we want to move away with a decent amount of speed, eg traffic lights or a roundabout etc then we need to use the "gas" pedal.

The gas pedal feeds fuel to the engine so it has more power, so when the clutch engages the car moves away quicker and more smoothly.

Get used to using your gas pedal before you bring your clutch up and you'll move away smoothly and securely - making for a happy 😃 life, especially for the car following!